For the love of sustainable & affordable luxury.

  • Sustainability

    At Epico, we believe that beautiful jewelry can be eco-friendly too. Each piece is sustainably made with recycled stainless steel, instead of mined precious metals. Along with caring for our planet, our material was selected for its care for you too: hypoallergenic and tarnish-free, our jewelry was made to be worn every day.

  • Affordability

    The modern men and women shouldn’t have to pay high-end prices to wear high-quality jewelry. At Epico, we create pieces that are affordable, durable, and stunning for you to wear every day. By making everything in our own workshop in Canada, we entirely cut out the middlemen and bring the cost savings to you. 

  • Epico Designs

    Inspired by nature and beautiful cities, Epico brings designs that are unique, elegant, and meaningful. Made exclusively with natural stones, crystals, and pearls, our pieces are designed in-house and release energy healing properties. Also: Our aim is to inspire kindness and love through the jewelry we choose to wear.

Weekly Arrivals

Every Thursday at 6 PM MT, we will be listing a limited quantity of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted designs.

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Equilibrium Necklace - Opalite Stone Pendulum + Stainless Steel